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Exclusive Services

Diamond Lane Driving Academy offers a verity of exclusive services that will help new drivers or experienced drivers looking to refresh their knowledge. If you have any questions of services provided or services that are unlisted please feel free to reach out! 

1. Initial Driver Assessment 

  • Starting 

  • Stopping 

  • Straight line driving 

  • Left turns at a lighted intersection

  • Winter driving

  • Steering Wheel control 

  • U-turns

  • Boulevard turns (right and left)

  • One ways 

  • Passing (one way and two way)

  • Uncontrolled intersections 

  • Lane changes 

  • Crosswalks 

  • Three point turns 

  • Traffic awareness 

2. Parallel Parking 

I will teach you a three step process to be within 18 inches of the curb every time! This method will work with poles or with vehicles to ensure you are prepared for any situation that comes your way once you have your licence! 

3. New Vehicle

Learn how to drive in a newer vehicle with dual brake controls for ultimate safety. 

4. 24/7

I am available day and night to fit your busy schedule. Call to book an appointment today! 

5. Class 4 

We offer refresher classes to prepare for your upcoming class 4 road test. 

6. Road Test Car Rental 

Use of my vehicle for your road test. This includes a 45 minute refresher, and pick up and drop off before and after your road test. 


Let's Work Together

Diamond lane Driving Academy will customize any lesson to help you overcome your shortfalls and pass your road test. Feel free to reach out regarding anything you want to work on and we can customize a class today! 

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